We are. Any way.
The slogan for Cologne Pride 2013

Loud, colourful and multifaceted.  We are more than just a shrill minority.

We are women and men, dentists and engineers, mothers and fathers, sons and grandchildren, poor and rich, young and old, Muslim and atheist. We are in Mecca and also in Rome.  We are.  We are here, whether or not Berlin or somewhere else decides.  We were always here and we will always be here.  We are. Any way (Wir sind. So oder so).

With support from politicians. Or without.
With the blessing of the church. Or without.
With acceptance from the family. Or without.

We are. Any way.

We have a right to identity, to dignity and non-discrimination and should also have the right to be able to marry, to start a family, to legally safeguard children and pay the same taxes.

In Germany Lesbians, gays, bi-, trans- and inter-sexuals are still treated legally as second class citizens because of their sexual orientation.  In fact, since 2001 same-sex couples have been able to live in registered partnerships.  However, law makers still refuse the complete legal equality of life partnerships and marriage.  Therefore, it is still the case for same-sex couples in Germany: While we are allowed to use the same words, we do not have the same rights. This must be rectified. And immediately. 

Lesbians, gays, bi-, trans- and inter-sexuals still experience ostracism and discrimination due to their sexual orientation.  Complete legal equality does not go hand in hand with social acceptance. Everybody has the right to be different. Diversity is enriching.

We demand complete legal equality by opening up marriage to same-sex  couples and for social acceptance – for diverse lifestyles and for a life in and out of the middle class. Any way.

The idea behind the slogan of Cologne Pride 2013

The slogan of Cologne Pride 2013 focusses on a supposedly simple statement: that of existence.  One cannot simply make us go away. We have always been here and we will also be here in the future. We are part of a diverse society and as such have the right to equality and acceptance.  The slogan is universal and has a free, open form.  It stands for the plurality of all walks of life.  The new slogan functions as an umbrella and provides a strong initiative for a poster campaign for Cologne Pride 2013, which in turn formulates demands and generate ideas.  Participants provide their own creative space because the slogan can be complemented by one's own ideas.

We are present. Any way.
We are here. We are ready. We are inseparable.

Download motives for the slogan and poster campaign 2013

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